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Reading a Dog's Body Language

It can be helpful to understand the messages a dog sends through body language.
Be on the lookout for these behaviors:

Playful Actions – “All is well”
  • Back and forth play – dogs change position
    (role reversals)
  • Bouncy, exaggerated gestures
  • Wiggly bodies
  • Open relaxed mouth
  • Play bows
  • Twisted leaps or jumps
  • Gentle neck biting
  • Pawing in the air

Signs of Stress – “I’m not comfortable”

  • Looking away, often with a turned head
  • Hiding behind objects or people
  • Fast wagging low tail
  • Whining or whimpering
  • Ears may be back, mouth tense
  • Fast lip licking
  • Drooling
  • Shaking off when not wet
  • Yawning – little half yawns

Signs of Fear – “I’m afraid”
  • Dog will try to look small
  • Tail tucked
  • Hunched over, head down
  • Tense
  • May urinate submissively

Red Flags That Require Owner Intervention
  • Excessive mounting
  • Pinning (holding another dog down and standing stiffly over him)
  • Shadowing another dog (following) incessantly
  • Bullying another dog that does not want to interact
  • Full speed body slams
  • Freezing with stiff body and posture
  • Putting head repeatedly onto another dog’s neck
    or back
  • Staring with a fixed gaze directly at another dog
  • Snarling or raised lips
  • Hackles up at the shoulders
  • Showing teeth

Bouncy, Twisted Leaps

Gentle Neck Biting

Looking Away and Hiding

Fast Lip Licking

Putting Head Repeatedly on Another
Dog’s Back


A great book if you’d like to learn more is “Off Leash Dog Play – A Complete Guide to Safety & Fun” by Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs.

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