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10 Acre Membership Dog ParK   2448 Pond Road, WildWood, MO


February Office Hours - Sat. 9-2 or by appointment


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25 photo(s) Updated on: August 26, 2017
  • Membership Office
  • A freshwater splash pad on the large dog side (right) and small dog side (left) for cooling off.
  • A colorful and comfortable beach area for the humans while dogs are swimming.
  • Rafi practicing his dock diving. He loves it!
  • Koa loves the water. Such a Lab! :)
  • Lucy is retrieving with friends.
  • It's mine! No, it's mine!
  • Doc and Charlie are best of buddies.
  • Tess likes the rain tree the best.
  • All of this fur feels good getting wet.
  • A great way to cool off on a hot day!
  • Run Freddie, Run!
  • A perfect example of a play bow.
  • Shorty in the doxie tunnel.
  • Watch me weave!
  • Some of the park's biggest personalities play in the small dog area.
  • Chloe and Mogli
  • Through the hoop!
  • Agility course on the big dog side
  • Elvis having a zen moment.
  • Paw washing station keeps dogs and cars clean.
  • Zeus and Sophie get rinsed off before heading home.
  • Sweet Karen
  • Follow the leader

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